About Baller Search

Once Catzpajamas posted a very interesting post and I almost missed it. I thought that if I missed this, then surely I must have missed other awesome stuff. This was unacceptable!! So I went into my coding bunker and wrote a scraper to find every thread ever created by a Pro, Caster or assorted Sick Nerd Baller on /r/starcraft.

That happened 4 years ago and the result ago can be found in this reddit thread. It was pretty great content. Though since it was in one big clump, it was pretty hard to filter or get an overview. I've gone back, rebuilt the data and built a website around it. Now it should be a lot easier to find the cool posts!

Why not use /top of the starcraft subreddit?

It's pretty neat as well ( go check it out ). But it's also got some problems that made me build my own

How did you select the NerdBallers?

Originally I used the submissions made by /r/starcraft's mods on verified Personalities, Industi Insiders and Casters & Commentators. Those submissions have since been deleted and replaced by a wiki page of 105 verified users. This list is a lot smaller though, it only includes users that are both active and very noteworthy.

I have tried to recreate the original lists, combined that with the new list and added a couple that I thought where missing to get the final list. You can see the full list of NerdBallers here if you want the detailed view.


Thanks to everybody who participated in the starcraft scene, whether you were a player, caster, commentator, staff or just a viewer like me. We've never met, but you've had a positive effect on my life and I truly appreciate it.

Thanks to the mods of /r/starcraft that do a thankless job of keeping down the spam and compiled the lists of verified users. Without their work, I could never have created this website.

Thanks to Blizzard for creating Starcraft. It's a great game that's brought me lots of fun :)